A few words on Facebook child abuse campaign – Hint: I’m not a fan

I know it makes you feel good; like part of a movement.  But replacing your photo with a cartoon character is a completely meaningless gesture.  It doesn’t save a child from being abused any more than typing the color of your bra ends breast cancer. 

I know, I know.  You just wanted to “make people aware” of the problem.  Well, fine.  I do wonder about the mental capacity of these folks, however.  Seriously, are there actually people who didn’t know this was a problem?  Seriously?!?

But then again, if all you wanted to do was raise awareness, why did you wait until there was a Facebook campaign?  You do realize that you don’t have to wait until everyone else is doing it before taking some type of action, right?

Instead, there a few things you SHOULD do.  Post a link and/or donate here and there to foundations that are actually doing this type of work.  If you know of a child that is being victimized, speak up.  Call the police.  That can help to make an actual difference and not just make you feel better.  Or, better yet, go kick their abusers ass.  That is a kind of violence I understand, and totally condone.

Odds are that while I was typing this, a child died somewhere due to abuse or neglect.  And no amount of mere comments like mine, or cartoon photos on your Facebook page, will stop the next one from suffering the same fate.