Carved on my desk

I don’t much like public bathrooms, but i do enjoy what people post on the walls of them. And while today’s post features no bathroom poetry (all good things for those who wait…) it does include a few choice phrases carved into the desk i use at home.

You’ll notice my desk isn’t an area where a lot of scholarly pursuits happen. I mostly use it to put books, and other assorted treasures I’ve collected, on the shelves.

My desk has seen a couple of owners before I claimed it. And those prior caretakers did me the great pleasure of carving it full of dates and names. But it is the judgments and accusations against these people in cheap plywood that sends my heart aflutter. I’ll share a bit with you here today.

Here we see the names of the perpetrators of several of the etchings, Kevin and Doty. The former is my brother, and the other is his longtime pal. Let us now see what creativity they can bring about, shall we? Obviously they didn’t think too highly of a girl named Allison.

Poor Allison. But what do they say about their male friends? And, more importantly, how do those friends respond?

I hope you can make it out. I tried to light it, but i recognize it can be a little tough to make out. It says, “Nick blows men.” Another hand then comes in, presumably the blower of men himself, Nick, and with an arrow pointing toward the offensive comment, scribbles a pithy, “Fuck you.”

Ah, I love it. Those are the best of the bunch, but I have plenty more to share someday. Things I’ve seen scribbled in books or…hey, does anyone wanna see some handwritten rap lyrics by a 16 year old suburban white kid?

In time, my friends. In time.