Yo Quiero Doritos Locos Tacos: A Fortean Squirrel Food Review

If you like eating garbage as much as I do, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the delicate cuisine of Taco Bell on occasion.  Among the delectable victuals available for consumption are grilled stuffed burritos, steak and chicken quesadillas and, of course, nachos bell grande.  As comedian Jim Gaffigan might say, “a whole lot of combinations of tortillas, meat, cheese, and vegetables.”

Recently, a new item made it’s way to the menu:  The Doritos Locos Taco.  Available only at select locations (because it is still in the market testing phase) it is a standard Taco Bell issue taco but, instead of the typical crispy tortilla shell, this is made out of Doritos.

Sounds amazing, right?  Well, I live in Toledo Ohio, which is one of the cities with the honor of having this new concoction available, and so I made a trip with my amigo Senor Bobby Nelson to give them a try.

Upon receiving the taco, which is available as either regular or “Supreme,” I noticed that the raved about Dorito shell is a little lacking.  I had anticipated it being thicker, made of an actual modified nacho cheese Dorito chip.  It is actually the same exact consistency of the original shell, however, it is covered in the orange Dorito dusty goodness, smells like a Dorito, and is overall pretty well Dorito-ey.  It may lack the satisfying crunch you may be used to from a nacho cheese Dorito, but is otherwise accurate.

I took in the texture and smell, then took a bite.  When my tongue touched the shell, and was then followed by the meat, lettuce, and shredded cheese, it definitely provided a unique flavor.  The tang from the bright orange dust mixed with the remainder of the taco was welcoming.  But it must also be said that the more you chew, the less that flavor is noticeable.  Eventually, it just tastes like a typical Taco Bell brand taco.

I finished it quickly, though, and have to admit I rather enjoyed it.  It’s something a little different, and I didn’t think it was bad at all.  If you live in one of the test markets, or the item comes to a Taco Bell near you and you’re interested, give it a go.  At $1.29 it’s worth it for the gimmick value alone.