The Translucent Lady

I spent late Friday night with my good pal and paranormal life mate Bobby. We took a drive out to Riverside Cemetery, where we discussed the local urban legend of the Translucent Lady, as well as the Hobo Lobo Maumee River Monster, which both emanate from the immediate area.

Always my favorite late night view; a long stretch of dark, lonely road

The Translucent Lady was allegedly a woman who was shot, along with her boyfriend, in a “Lover’s Lane” area next to the river. Her boyfriend survived, but managed to give authorities only a cursory description of the masked gunmen. Some say that, on nights when the moon shines brightest, you can catch a glimpse of her, still trying to flee her attacker along that lonely stretch of River Road outside Riverside Cemetery.

The Hobo Lobo story is even more fleeting, as far as local legends go. Truthfully, there really is no set story. The occasional person just happens to report being out on the river and spying an abnormally large grotesque looking fish.

It was a fun night, even if a lot of the time we were just sitting in the car waiting for something to happen. There was a meteor shower that evening, which was an event in and of itself. But the quiet darkness along the river tells tales far more interesting if you listen close enough.

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