Fraud, Fame, and Fortune in the Paranormal

Last night I hopped in the chat room of Into the Dark Radio, a paranormal talk show hosted by my friends Steve and Shawn.  The topic they were discussing was fraud, fame, and fortune in the paranormal, and I wanted to hear what they had to say.

At one point I was having a private chat conversation when I heard Steve and Shawn mentioning my name.  I turned the volume on my computer up a bit more and realized they were saying something about TAPS and Fort Mifflin, as well as asking me to call in.  Without knowing much more than that, I grabbed my cell phone and went into my bedroom to phone their call-in number.  What followed was roughly 53 minutes of conversation that touched on everything from self-serving paranormal celebrities, and how far too many people kowtow to their “authority,” all the way to the ethical concerns of paranormal investigation and their need for a better education in science.

I can be surprisingly shy at times so I don’t generally do many interviews; preferring instead to do most of my talking on my own show, Strange Frequencies Radio.  But Steve and Shawn are good pals of mine, and I was glad to speak with them.  All in all, I thought it went pretty well for an impromptu discussion that I didn’t think would last more than about 5 minutes.

If you’ve got some time, take a listen HERE.  I come in at roughly the 51:00 minute mark, but feel free to listen in its entirety if you would like.