Fat Superheroes!

I swear I do other things aside from hang out with Bobby. But it seems that the stuff we do together results in more photographs. Here are a few shots of us in the toy section of Meijer trying on some masks!

First up, don’t look now, but Spiderman has gained a few pounds. His hands are still sticky, but it’s probably because he has been eating a lot of BBQ.

Here is Bobby with, a Batman cowl? A gladiator helmet? I’m not really sure. We just kind of grabbed it and threw it on him. You can tell he loved it.

Here is one of me pumped as Captain America! Though I doubt I’ll be able to fight off any bad guys when I can’t even seem to fight off late night cravings.

I told Bobby he would never be able to keep his wife off of him if he wore this mask, and did this pose, everyday when he got home.

Fun times were had by all. Then Bobby went home and went to bed, and I did what I do best: sit in front of a computer and snack.

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