Making a Documentary

I’ve been wanting to make documentaries for a while now. Over the past several years I have gotten more and more bored with traditional scripted films and documentaries have easily replaced them as some of my favorite late-night viewing.

More recently, and spurred on by the efforts of my friends at Who Forted? Magazine as well as the work of Louis Theroux, the idea to attempt something of my own has grown a bit stronger.

Last week, while talking to my friend Jason DeVault, he mentioned how he had just purchased an HD video camera and a boom mic and wanted to do some filming. We started talking about documentaries and, after pitching a few ideas around, settled on the possibility of approaching a specific local individual as our subject. Why did we choose this particular person? Well, for a number of reasons; but it can be mostly illustrated by checking out one of the many signs she regularly displays outside of her house and on her car:

Photo courtesy of Eugene

Granted, any possibility of moving forward with this particular project is a couple of weeks off. DeVault is going to buy some professional lighting gear and, well, we haven’t yet approached our intended subject. But I have confidence that, once we are ready to go, we’ll put together a small team (which hopefully will include my pal Bobby) and do a pretty good job of telling an interesting story about a fascinating local personality.

Stay tuned for future updates on this exciting project!

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