Why I no longer believe in ghost stuff

This post contains a couple of articles that were published in THE BENT SPOON, a free paranormal magazine.  If you would like to find out more information, download past issues, or even subscribe, check out the website.

In a couple past issues of The Bent Spoon I published a couple of articles which hoped to “make amends” for past mistakes I made while investigating claims of the paranormal.  I was naive, didn’t understand much about science, and generally just copied a lot of what I saw people doing on television.  I’ve just republished the articles on Examiner.com and am blogging about it here in an effort to promote The Bent Spoon, and to get some new paranormal-themed posts here at Fortean Squirrel.

The first article is about the supposed link between ghosts and EMF.  Many ghost hunters believe that ghosts are made of electromagnetism and can therefore be detected by EMF meters.  I once believed this as well.  I no longer do, however, and this gives a few reasons why. 

Read “Making Amends:  Why I No Longer Believe in the Ghost/EMF Connection” on Examiner.com

This article is about EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon; something ghost hunters believe offers real-time communication with the spirit world.  Again, this is something I used to believe in and participate in frequently at alleged haunted locations.  I no longer believe there is any validity to EVP.  This article explains my reasons.

Read “Making Amends:  Why I No Longer Believe in EVP” on Examiner.com

Thanks for reading.  As always, I welcome comments, questions, and fair criticism.  Live and be well.