KFC Double Down: a Fortean Squirrel food review

There’s not much I enjoy more than jamming some greasy food into my fat fucking face.  It was with that in mind that I stopped off at KFC for the infamous Double Down; a sandwich I’d eaten before, but never reviewed for Fortean Squirrel.  The time has come to correct that mistake.

The KFC Double Down is 540 calories of pure deliciousness.  In case you are unaware, it consists of two kinds of melted cheese, bacon, and a special sauce between two boneless chicken fillets.  I don’t know the fat content right off, but I’m sure it’s high.  Do you think I give a shit?  My arteries are bad ass and battle tested, baby.

When you open the box and feast your eyes upon this amazing creation, it does kind of throw you off a bit.  Personally, I wondered where the bun was.  But only for a second!  Then I came back to my senses because, as it turns out, fried chicken tastes way better than bread.

The first bite is strange, but exquisite.  There is just a hint of spice to it from the sauce, but aside from that, the taste of the Colonel’s special blend, cheese, and bacon are definitely noticeable.  And enjoyable.  While chewing that bite, I hungered only for the next.

The KFC Double Down has been available for nearly two years, debuting in April of 2010.  Still, if you haven’t tried it yet, or are at all curious to, go ahead and give it a shot.  It’s not like you’re being tricked.  The Double Down has no illusions about what it is, so neither should you.  But it’s damned tasty, and I actually regret not getting a second while I was out today.

Apparently, so does this cat…