Examining Grant and Whitney

Hey gang.  Here’s two new posts I made to my seldom used Examiner page.  Examiner.com has increasingly become, for me, a place to put up stuff I’ve written largely to piss off a great number of people.  They are reactionary articles I’ve written without a lot of thought.  If you are so inclined, here is my latest.


This one quickly covered the rumors going into the recent “big announcement” episode of SyFy’s reality hit.  I also talked about one of the main rumors about Grant’s infidelity.  After all, he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.  It has made me a small wad of cash, too.  Probably from the increasingly angry clicks by TAPS fans who hate that I included unsubstantiated gossip.  But hey, they put forward unsubstantiated evidence.  So screw ’em.


This post I just made today.  Over the past several days since Whitney Houston died, I’ve noticed people growing increasingly frustrated with the amount of coverage she has been getting in the news.  Mainly, the complaints seem to be boiled down to two points.  1)  She was a junkie and, thus, doesn’t deserve it.  And 2)  The coverage is taking away from important things, like the troops being troopy, and other things ‘Merica.  My perspective is that, yes, there are more important issues but, like it or not, it’s news and broadcasters enjoy getting ratings.  So calm your collective asses down.

So, there you have it.  Read them or don’t.  Like them or don’t.  But thank you for stopping by nonetheless.