Ryan Buell on Strange Frequencies Radio

Strange Frequencies Radio, the Toledo-based internet radio show and podcast I co-host along with my friend Bobby, scored a great guest recently when we booked Ryan Buell on the program.

 Buell, the star of former A&E hit Paranormal State, came on the show with our promise of a respectful dialogue about our respective views on evidence for the paranormal.  This ended up being a unique experience for Ryan because, as he states during the discussion, this was the first time a skeptical paranormal radio show had invited him on.

One thing that was nice about this interview is that it didn’t cover the same old ground.  There were no questions about Ryan’s favorite investigations or any other typical fanboy fare.  As hosts, we actually allowed him to talk about some of the misconceptions people have of him having watched him on television for 5 seasons.  Nothing like the dark and brooding persona portrayed on television, Ryan came across and engaging and funny.  A genuinely likable person.

Not that this surprised us, mind you.  Strange Frequencies Radio separates the person from the show, but also isn’t afraid to criticize what we see or disagree with the perspectives of paranormal television personalities.  This open and honest approach generally garners us the respect of the audience and our interviewees.

But disagree on some points we did.  For instance, why if Mr. Buell doesn’t necessarily trust psychics or EVPs as evidence, were there so many psychics and EVPs on the show?  Also, while Ryan states that he doesn’t feel people should take investigation tips from paranormal “reality” shows, would he admit that he is ultimately at least partially responsible for it?

All in all, it was a good conversation.  One that broke viewer records for Strange Frequencies Radio and has gotten positive comments from listeners on Facebook and Twitter.

Listen at the following URL:     http://t.co/qcLg7r1U