Republican Party: By the Stupid, For the Stupid?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal famously said that Republicans need to stop being the “stupid party.” Of course, it doesn’t help when Jindal himself tried to perform an exorcism on a cancer patient, and promotes creationism in public schools. But he wasn’t talking about himself. He was talking about everyone else. You know, the Todd Akin “legitimate rape” and Paul Broun “evolution is a lie from the pit of hell” types.

obamacommieladyWhile fretting over the ignorant beliefs of elected officials is a good idea, Jindal seems to have neglected to mention their constituents. Remember the crazy lady with bedhead who told John McCain that “Obama is an Arab“? These people at a Mitt Romney rally in Ohio who said Obama was an angry un-American Muslim Atheist socialist, but couldn’t seem to support their wildly contradictory opinions with any degree of rationality? And how many of these people who think being gay is a choice are conservatives?

Now comes this lady, a video of whom I recently saw on Blue Street Journal, who interrupted an interview Chris Matthews was doing to say that Obama is a communist. When asked to explain why she felt that way, she did everything possible to avoid answering the question. Does she know what Communism is? Doubtful. She seems to only parrot what she hears on Fox News.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not making a pro-Obama argument. He has deeply disappointed me in a great many ways, too. And I’m certainly not saying that his supporters are always the most articulate bunch either. But what I am saying is that if Bobby Jindal wants the Republican party to not be “the stupid party,” they have to stop appealing to so many stupid people.