Probably Thinks I’m A Lunatic


I am obsessed with Amazon. I do a pretty good amount of shopping there; be it books, movies, or…well, that’s pretty much all I buy there. Okay, and there were those few times I bought candy. Lots of candy. In bulk.

Hey, screw you, okay?

Anyway, lately the dichotomy of the books and movies I’ve been buying has been making me laugh. Because I’m interested in politics and social sciences, but also love slasher movies from the 70s and 80s, ordering them together looks really weird in my Amazon shopping cart. Here is the complete contents of my most recent purchase:

Down to Earth Sociology
Socialism: Past and Future
The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements

Black Christmas
Silent Night, Deadly Night

Considering the differences between this list of titles, do you think the folks who work in the warehouse believe this order is for two different people who live at the same address? Or maybe that Jason Korbus of Toledo, OH has some weird multiple personality disorder?

Just a few minutes ago, the last part of this order shipped. Now begins my next time honored tradition: relentlessly checking the tracking information to obsess over where my stuff is and when it will arrive.

The people at Amazon are probably right. I am sick.

Let me know what kind of cool stuff you buy online in the comments below. Are you just as big of a nutbag as I am?


2 thoughts on “ Probably Thinks I’m A Lunatic

  1. I bet they think two different people live in your house. Or, sadly, they may not be thinking anything. I have had Amazon screw up my orders enough times to know that someone in the warehouse doesn’t check orders against what goes into the box. I once ordered a series of three comics (don’t laugh at me Jason, they were about Shakespeare) but instead got a Dungeon and Dragons manual.

    • I’d never laugh at a comics fan, whether they were Shakespeare or not!

      I can’t recall Amazon ever leaving anything out of an order of mine, but they did once send me a pack of condoms that I didn’t ask for when I ordered a copy of a Matthew Broderick movie a couple years back. Felt a little weird.

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