Psychics Useless in Search For O.J. Simpson

20 years ago Tuesday, O.J. Simpson was a fugitive from justice.  He was supposed to turn himself in to the authorities at 11AM Pacific Time, having been charged with the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman.  He did not, however, and soon disappeared.  Police began an active manhunt, and citizens, too, were on the lookout.

oj_simpsonPaula Donahey, who was the chief clerk-typist of the Robbery/Homicide Division kept a log of tips that were phoned in to a police hotline.  Among them were multiple impressions gleaned from “psychics” across the country.

One reported O.J. was hiding out in a local dry cleaning store.  He wasn’t.  But what a silly place that would have been to elude the law, huh?

Another psychic felt he was holed up in a house, which was either gray or white.  The house would be “on the left hand side if one looks down from the hill top,” they said.  He also may be dead.  The tipster said she had “never felt this strong before.”  Reading this, I have a strong feeling myself that psychics are worthless.

Even if psychic impressions like these were true, how in the world would they be helpful?  Are police really supposed to go find a hill somewhere, and start looking at grey and white houses?  Totally and completely ridiculous.

Of course, the police would soon learn Simpson was not at the dry cleaners, nor was he in a maybe white, maybe gray house, where he was maybe dead.  He would actually be found fleeing in a white Ford Bronco owned and being driven by his friend Al “A.C.”Cowlings.  The rest, of course, is history.

When it comes to providing useful information that actually lead to the whereabouts of suspects, psychics fail.



Evidence Dismissed” by Detectives Lange and Vannatter (1997), pages 158-159.


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