Prayers for Houston

Like a lot of people, I’ve been following the news of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  Unlike a lot of people, I’m not praying. Prayer doesn’t put a family in a home, clothe the needy, or feed a child.  So when someone sent this “prayer chain” request on Facebook today, I responded respectfully, but honestly.

I’ve visited the websites of a lot of popular charities. Americares, American Red Cross, Save the Children, etc. I’ve noticed they ask for a lot of things. Money, food, blood, clothing, and more. What you never see (or at least I’ve never seen) is a button saying “click here to send prayers.” Why? Because it’s useless. Prayers didn’t stop the storm, and it’s not going to clean up the mess.

Now, I know this person, and they are among the kindest, most gentle people I’ve ever met.  So it was a little embarrassing having to respond to such a thing. They had simply forgotten I was a non-believer, and later apologized.  I told them not to worry, and thanked them for thinking of me just the same.

But I do want to say that, in times of tragedy like what we are seeing in Houston and surrounding areas, what is needed is not prayers, but money, manpower, and supplies. If you live in the Houston area, you can personally reach out to local organizations. If you live across the country like I do, the best thing you can do is send cash to the groups on the ground.

4 thoughts on “Prayers for Houston

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you. If you believe in god then you have to believe that the hurricane is god’s doing and therefore he killed those people and destroyed their lives. Yet people pray to him and worship him?! Absolutely blows my mind.

    • Before you condemn God for people killed by Harvey know something about what Christians believe about tragedy. We live in a fallen world sir. As such, I don’t believe God killed those people but I do believe he didn’t stop it for just that reason. And probably many more that none of us have the intellect to understand. Prayers are answered. I see the hand of God working in the relief effort to help Texas.

      • I have my own problems with the state of the world, but I’d never sit idly by and watch lives be destroyed if I had the power to stop it. If that’s what you believe God does, I’m very happy to go on not worshipping such a thing.

      • If you take a look at my blog you’ll see that I was brought up studying the bible everyday. I’ve probably read the bible from front to back around 20+ times and I mean literally, verse by verse. I spent my entire upbringing doing intense study of the scriptures everyday of my life, studying the Hebrew and Greek translations of the bible, so I think it’s safe to say I know a little about what Christian’s believe about tragedy.
        Whilst I’m not sure exactly what you mean by a ‘fallen world’ I do know that if, for arguments sake, that the bible is true and god is real then all of suffering and death is on his hands.
        God is all powerful and the creator of everything on earth. If he wanted to, he could stop every natural disaster, every disease, every death and make this world entirely peaceful and free from all suffering, to deny any of that is to deny the power of god. But god doesn’t do any of this, he continues to allow suffering. Every single shed tear that you’ve had, every single disaster, death and tragedy that you’ve had and will have in your life has been caused by the very thing that you praise and worship. And for what? Because Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
        Firstly, god created Adam and Eve knowing that they would eat that fruit. He is omniscient and knows all things, the alpha and omega. He punished them for doing something that he knew they were going to do and he himself created them with a flaw that meant that they would go against his word and listen instead to another creation of his (the serpent). A creature that HE created that he KNEW would convince Eve and created it with the ability to convince her. God knew she would do this because all things are predestined by him. Yet not only did he punish Adam and Eve for an event that he himself constructed and knew would happen, he decided to punish the rest of the human race. He doomed the entire human race based on one action of one person which he himself caused to happen. He created death, suffering, pain, disease, violence, natural disasters etc. because ONE person went against his word. That’s a rational and just reaction isn’t it! What have you and I done to deserve this? What has a newborn baby who hasn’t developed conscious thought done to deserve getting bone cancer and other horrific diseases before it’s even had the chance to even sin? We weren’t given the choice of whether to eat of the fruit, so why should we be punished because someone, thousands and thousands of years ago decided to do it? Why does death and suffering need to happen, why couldn’t he have punished the world with something that didn’t cause death, pain and suffering if as he says he loves us all so much? There is no need for any of this to happen. This is gods choice, gods plan and gods work. Oh and of course he will stop it, but only when enough of us have bowed down and worshipped him. If the bible is true and there is a god then he is a megalomaniac terrorist, which makes the likes of Hitler absolutely pale in comparison.
        I could go on and on about this, there are so many other arguments for this but I’m sure you have other things to do today so I’ll leave it there.

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