Painting: Day Two

I started painting on Sunday night.  It took some practice, but I am now prepared to say that I have all the natural talent of a 9 year old.

It’s not great, but it’s better than the day before.  So, progress, right?

Anyway, it’s fun, and I’m enjoying it. So look for my first exhibit coming soon to my mom’s fridge.

I Decided To Take Up Painting

I decided to take up painting as a hobby. For just under $30, I bought a small easel, canvas, paints, and a few other supplies. I was terrible in art class back in high school, but I think I have more patience now than I did then. So I figure if I can paint a halfway decent landscape, or even a happy little cloud, I’ll consider it all money well spent.

Tonight I began by trying to follow along with a Youtube tutorial, and I think I did okay. It’s a very simple sky, some mountains, grass, and I don’t know…could that be a lake? Sure. We’ll call it a lake.

I’ve decided to name all my paintings “This Might Be…” and then whatever it is I tried to make.  This one is called “This Might Be Mountains and a Lake.” I think it fits.

I showed my painting to a couple friends and they were complimentary. That gave me the confidence to try my hand at a tree.  It did not work out. I started with the trunk, and it was way thicker than I wanted. My paint was not going on the canvas right, which made me want to force the brushstrokes, and that made the trunk even wider still. So then I tried to make the branches proportional, and that looked even worse. So I just slapped some leaves on, then thought it would be a good idea to add some orange. I don’t know why, but it was yet another mistake. Look upon my tree and weep.


Finally, in disgust, I painted the entire thing black so I wouldn’t have to look at it anymore.  That photo is the only evidence that it ever existed.

Not a bad first night, I guess. A small, but decent landscape that I am pleased with. And a giant black void over what was once the world’s ugliest tree. I think I’ll stick with landscapes tomorrow.

Just call me Blob Ross.